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Getting the most out of aLife – a tour

May 6, 2009 CEO Tom Hastwell leads a quick summary of some of the popular, and some less well known tools on the site.

A quick, entertaining and insightful look at, the ideas and concepts behind the very popular Australian careers advice site, tertiary pathways, sharing by mobile phone and facebook, celebrity reviews and much more.

Have an expert guide you through all that has to offer.

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aLife TV ep 2: Young Entrepreneurs

March 11, 2009

Running your own business and Careers Advice

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aLife CEO Tom Hastwell shares the studio with 4 young entrepreneurs – who discuss what advice to give those who are thinking about starting a business. Its a delicate balance and these guys have a lot of fascinating insights for students and advisors alike. A must see aLifeTV episode – inspirational, out of the square thinking.

Panellists are Jess from The Frank Team, Troy from PNMG, Mike from Credit Card and Gemma from
Inspire Dance Academy

aLife TV ep 1: Careers Advice in the Global Financial Crisis

March 2, 2009

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The panel explore what to advise students about career choices in the middle of an economic crisis.  How does this affect what the students are thinking?  How is industry employing right now? What are the trends?  What should students do with their university and TAFE choices or in starting a new business?

Join Tom Hastwell, CEO of, with his guests from Macquarie University, Kambala Girls School, NSW Business Chamber, Select Appointments and the Frank Team.

Running time 20 minutes

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